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Starting is the Hardest Part

This is not my first blog. This isn’t even my second blog.

To be quite candid, I have tried to blog, quite unsuccessfully, for a few years now. I would set up the entire layout of the blog, write a killer first post, and then be done. I would then get the inclination to blog again and instead of continuing what I had started, I would just start all over. Thus, my unsuccessful cycle of blogging. I have looked back on this folly and identified why I have had such a hard time in the past.

One of the reasons for this cycle is time. With anything new, it takes time to adjust adding it to your daily routine. I, unfortunately, never consciously added blogging to my routine. In some instances, I felt that I legitimately did not have the time to blog. In other instances, I simply didn’t feel like setting time aside to write a quick blog post. Regardless of what I had going on in my life, time would always somehow get in the way.

The second and third reasons almost go hand in hand. I always had trouble getting motivated because I doubted that anyone would actually read my blog posts. What’s the point of spending all that time if nobody is going to see it? Then, when I did get the motivation to write, I would be stumped on what to write about.

I know that I’m not the only one who has encountered one of these problems. In fact, I know there are people out there who have faced all three. In saying that, what can I and the countless others do to fix these problems? Well, I’ve come up with a few solutions that I plan on putting into practice with this new blog. I hope that it can be of some help to you as well.
In terms of time, don’t try and overwhelm yourself. Don’t try to commit to a post every day or a post every other day. You’ll get exhausted. Start slow. Look at your calendar and pick any day of the week. Let’s say you pick Thursday. Mark every Thursday on your calendar as blog day. Now, block off a chunk of time as “blog time”. It doesn’t matter if it’s an hour in the morning or two hours in the evening, schedule that chunk. You’ll feel a greater sense of motivation if you have the time scheduled out.

If you’re feeling a lack of motivation because you don’t have a lot of website views, take a step back. The pyramids weren’t built in a day, and you won’t get a million people viewing your website overnight. You need to stay consistent with your blogging to build an audience and that all takes time. At the end of the day, you should blog because you enjoy it.

In terms of what to write, write what you know. Don’t write what you think people want to read, write about what you would want to read. Although you may want to stick to a common theme, you should also enjoy what you write about. You don’t want to be totally out of ideas a month down the road because you wrote about something you weren’t passionate about.

Personally, I’m passionate about writing. I’m a writer and I have decided that my blog will focus on writing, staying motivated, publishing, books, movies, and television. I’m not going to say that I won’t go off course every once in a while, but I do have a common theme. I am setting my blog day as Thursday and plan on scheduling two hours in the evening to get the post written and posted.

I want to end this post with a thank you. Whether you stumbled upon my blog by chance or if you read it on purpose, I appreciate it.

Until next week,