Blogging On Vacation

I absolutely love going on vacation. It’s always nice to get out of my daily routine and experience something new. There is only one downside of vacation: all productivity plummets.

If you have visited my blog before, you know that I always post a new blog post on Thursdays. Well, as my vacation came closer, I realized that I would be on vacation on Thursday. Now, this wouldn’t have been a problem if I was staying in a hotel with a business center and high speed Internet. I, however, realized that I would be at a relative’s house who lives in the middle of nowhere. No Internet, no cell service, nothing.

So, I knew I had a few options. I could write my blog post in advance and schedule for it to post on Thursday before I left for my trip.  I could also post it on the first leg of our trip, where we would at least get cell service. Well I definitely wish that I would have posted it before I went on vacation. I, of course, waited until the last minute to pack and ran out of time to post to my blog. Now I would have to quickly post before we were in the middle of nowhere.

On our first stop,we didn’t have any wifi. I couldn’t connect my Kindle Fire or my sister’s iPad to the Internet and the last electronic that I had to rely on was my iPhone.  I looked up WordPress on my phone and figured that if I could catch 3G, posting to my blog would be simple. I mean, I text on my phone so how hard could writing a post be?

Incredibly hard. I’m the type of writer who will type out everything that is on my mind and refine it later. Well, refining requires a lot of backspacing and trying to backspace on a laggy iPhone that is barely getting cell service is not the ideal way to blog. Not only was typing out the post difficult, but posting it was just as bad.

I got a lot of this:


And some of this:


And a whole lot of lag.

I don’t even know how long it took me to complete this post. Did I learn anything from this? Absolutely. I learned that you should always post your blog posts before you leave for vacation, unless you KNOW that you will have Internet and a computer. I would suggest getting it done before you leave so you don’t have to stess about it on your trip. Yes, you may be able to formulate new ideas in a new environment, but save those ideas for when you’re home. Blogging on vacation is tough. Especially without a computer with Internet!

Until next week,



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