Birthday Resolutions

Each new year, millions of people rattle their brains for their New Years Eve resolutions.  I am one of these people. I love the idea of coming up with goals for the new year. Having those resolutions and a new year ahead gives the feeling of a fresh slate and it reinvigorates a lot of people to be the best versions of themselves. Well, I’m terrible at completing my resolutions. I will type them up and totally forget about them by the middle of the year.

Although it’s a little bit over halfway through the year, I am experiencing this again. I have let monotany set in and haven’t been focusing on those resolutions. A few weeks ago, I started to think of any occasions that could inspire change. Then, it hit me: birthdays. I know for me, every year someone will say “oh, another year older” and ask “do you feel any different?” Well, this year, I want to feel different and make turning another year older a true reason to celebrate. So I sat down and wrote down a list of resolutions, one resolution for every year that I have been alive. Not all of them are big, but they’re things that I have not done or would like to do again.

I decided to do this for a few reasons. As a writer, I find it very important to stay inspired and positive. I had been reading some articles about motivation and goal setting and I noticed that the happiest people are the ones who push themselves to constantly do new things. Not only will new experiences lead to inspiration, but they will also greatly increase a person’s quality of life.

My birthday was yesterday, July 30, and in honor of the occasion, I am going to share my top ten birthday resolutions. 

1. Travel to a place that I have never been before

2. Move to a new city

3. Train for and run in a 5K

4. Participate in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month)

5. Visit friends who live far away

6. Find an organization and volunteer

7. Become conversationally fluent in Spanish

8. Learn how to play the ukulele

9. Cut and donate 8 inches of hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths

10. Get more organized

There you have it! I’m hoping that this list will not only reinspire me, but hopefully inspire any of you who may be looking to get out of a rut as well. While making this list, I realized that you don’t necessarily need to wait for an occasion to start your goals. Just start them! The sooner you set your mind to accomplishing something, the happier you will be.

Until next week,



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