Starting Next Tuesday: Book Reviews!

Hello everyone!

If you’ve visited my website before, you may know that I upload a blog post every Thursday. Well, I’ve really enjoyed blogging these past few months and in an attempt to create more content for all of you, I’ve decided to start writing some book reviews. I’m going to start by posting a new book review every other Tuesday and after a month or two, I’ll increase the frequency to every Tuesday. Again, this is additional content and I will continue to upload blog posts every Thursday as well.

In terms of the types of books I will be reviewing, I don’t plan on sticking to any particular genre. I will admit that most of the books I read are fiction, but I will read just about anything if it looks good.

In terms of the reviews, I am writing these reviews just for fun. I am not getting paid for any of the reviews that I post. I also promise to write my honest opinion of every book that I review.

My first book review will be posted next Tuesday. I hope you all will enjoy it and if you have any suggestions for books that you’d like to see reviewed, please let me know!


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