I Chopped My Locks for Charity!

Fotor0904174956A little over a month ago, I wrote a blog post called Birthday Resolutions. In that post, I wrote down the top ten things that I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday. One of the things on my list was to donate my hair to charity.

I had never donated hair before, but I had wanted to for years. I didn’t want to rush into anything so for the last couple of weeks, I had been doing some serious research in my spare time. I looked into several nonprofits that accepted hair donations and ended up deciding on Pantene Beautiful Lengths.

Pantene is best known for their line of hair care products, but they have formed a nonprofit in partnership with the American Cancer Society. Their mission is to provide free wigs to any woman who is fighting cancer. I know that a good hair day has always brought me a bit of confidence and if I could help boost another woman’s confidence, I was all in. The requirements were pretty standard: no processed hair, hair must be secured in a rubber band, and the length must be a minimum of 8 inches. I actually think the 8 inch minimum is the smallest amount of hair required by any of the hair donation nonprofits.

I had planned a trip out of state to spend Labor Day weekend with my best friend from college and I thought that it would be a perfect opportunity to make the big cut. I had told her about how I wanted to donate and she wanted to witness the event. I made several calls to different salons near her and decided on a Great Clips. Although I still had to pay for the hair cut, the stylist was incredibly sweet and cutting my hair was an amazing experience.

After I chopped my hair, I sent it off to Minnesota where the hair will be received by Pantene. Although I was very attached to my long hair, I am loving my short hair. I think the best thing about the short hair is that it reminds me of the donation.

I think that donating hair is an incredibly unique way of giving back and I felt like it was a bit more personal than just donating money. My hair will be in a wig that a woman may wear for years and that’s such a neat feeling. If you would like to learn more about Pantene Beautiful Lengths, click here to take a look at their website. Donating hair is not for everyone, so I hope nobody ever feels pressured to make the cut. If you are interested in donating, I highly encourage you to do your research and pick the best organization for you. If you’ve donated hair before, I would love to know where you donated and if you would do it again.

Until next week,



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