Book Review: Wreckage

wreckageTitle: Wreckage
Author: Emily Bleeker
Release Date: March 1, 2015
Rating: 4.5/5

Wreckage is the dramatic tale of Lillian Linden and Dave Hall, two survivors of a horrific plane crash. Lillian and Dave survived on an island in the South Pacific for two years and when they were finally rescued, the press wanted to know everything about their story. As they attempted to fall back into society and reacquaint themselves with spouses and loved ones, Lillian and Dave were careful to harbor away secrets from the island. From fellow castaways and their mysterious deaths to their own relationship, Lillian and Dave have been consistently covering up their lies. Tired of the media, Lillian and Dave agree to one last interview with famous news reporter Genevieve Randall. Throughout the interview, Lillian and Dave learn that Genevieve is attempting to expose their story as a lie and is determined to find out what really happened on the island, regardless of the cost.

The novel alternates between past and present day and between Dave and Lillian’s perspectives. The present day is the day of the interview with Genevieve Randall and it follows Lillian and Dave as they carefully recount their story to her. However, when the novel flashes back to the past, the reader gets to know what really happened on the island. Every time the story flashes back, the flashback correlates with whatever topic Genevieve had brought up in the interview. I definitely enjoyed the past point of view better because I thought that what happened on the island was really intriguing. I thought the world that Bleeker had created on the island was very clear and Kent, a fellow castaway, added suspense and uneasiness throughout their time on the island. That being said, I also thought it was fascinating to read about how Lillian and Dave readjusted to life back at home.

I thought that Bleeker did a good job developing Lillian and Dave’s relationship throughout the novel. I thought the development seemed organic, especially after the incident with Kent. In addition to the relationship between Dave and Lillian, there are several other relationships in the novel. I really enjoyed reading about Lillian’s relationship with her husband, Jerry. She begins her time on the island longing for him, and then there is a stark contrast to this after she is rescued. I really liked Jerry’s character and found his relationship with Lillian to be the most complex. The relationship between Dave and his wife, Beth, wasn’t nearly as interesting and I wish Beth’s character had a bit more depth to her.

Overall, I really enjoyed Wreckage. It was a really easy read and very entertaining. There are a couple of scenes in the novel that are slightly more mature and I thought that Bleeker did a great job of writing them tastefully. I really enjoyed the concept of this novel and found it hard to put down. The only part of the novel I didn’t really enjoy was the excessive amount of mentions of Paul during the interview. He is mentioned many times before Lillian and Dave finally flash back to him, but it is slightly obvious who Paul is once he is originally brought up. It seemed like Bleeker was trying to build suspense to the big secret surrounding Paul, but it was already pretty evident what the secret was. Other than this, I really liked the book and I would definitely recommend it.

If you have read Wreckage, I would love to hear your thoughts as well. To view Wreckage on Amazon, please click here.


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