My Five Favorite Genres

I think that any reader or writer appreciates a beautifully crafted story with complex characters and engaging plot lines, regardless of genre. However, we all have our preferences.

In no particular order, here is a list of my Five Favorite Genres:

Young Adult Fiction
Young adult fiction, or YA, targets adolescents and young adults and the main characters in these novels are normally in their teenage years. I really enjoy YA because I think that it’s incredibly easy to read and relate to. Struggles with identity, independence, and relationships are common themes in YA fiction and I think they are topics that teenagers, young adults, and adults can all relate to. Whether it’s a dystopian or contemporary YA novel, the main character almost always goes through some type of personal transformation and I enjoy watching that type of growth in characters.

Historical Fiction
Historical fiction is a fictitious story that occurs during a time period that actually happened in the past. I have always been fascinated by history and I think that the events in history provide incredible material for a novel. History provides countless unique settings, plots, and characters and I love reading a novel that is affected by a time period or event that actually took place. If an author can successfully incorporate authentic speech patterns, settings, and events in a piece of historical fiction, I think that these books can easily submerge a reader into a different time and place.

Thrillers are generally fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping stories that keep the reader on the edge of their seats. The protagonist seems to always be on the run and the threat of danger can be present in any scene. I enjoy thrillers because there is so much suspense and anticipation throughout the novel. The pacing of thrillers makes them hard to put down and because there are so many variations of thrillers, it’s a very dynamic genre.

A mystery novel normally features a main character who is investigating a crime and is attempting to solve the case. The protagonist must utilize clues found along the way in order to solve the mystery and the pacing is usually a bit slower than that of a thriller. I think my favorite part of mysteries is the thought and logic behind them. Mysteries are puzzles and I like trying to figure out who committed the crime. I think that the best mysteries can keep a reader guessing until the end of the novel.

Memoirs depict a small period of time in a person’s life. Memoirs are often compared to autobiographies, but a memoir depicts only a series of events, not an entire lifetime. I find memoirs to be more fascinating than autobiographies because while an autobiography is a factual account of someone’s life, a memoir flows more like a story. I think that it’s interesting to read about a real person’s life and experiences and it’s even more interesting when the story is told from their perspective.

Honorable mentions go out to the science fiction and fantasy genres. Although I enjoy reading certain books from these genres, I find myself favoring the above five just a little bit more.

If you have any thoughts on genres or would like to discuss your favorite genres, please share them in the comments.

Until next week,


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