Beat the Block: Get Physical

beattheblockWriter’s block has left countless writers with the inability to put words to paper. Whether it’s a total lack of ideas or too many ideas, writer’s block leads to convoluted thinking and stops the writer from creating a story. It’s almost inevitable and whether you’ve written one or one hundred books, writer’s block is one of the biggest obstacles a writer might face. It can occur at any stage of the writing process and for some writers, it’s incredibly difficult to beat.

Last week, I discussed the benefits of utilizing writing prompts in order to overcome writer’s block. This week, I am going to discuss the benefits that exercise can have on your writing and how it can significantly increase your chances of beating writer’s block.

Writing is an incredibly sedentary activity and writers can find themselves sitting in a chair for hours on end. Focus and creativity may wane after so many hours of inactivity, resulting in writer’s block. Getting away from the computer and on your feet is a great way to reinvigorate the mind and body. Not only is exercise a welcome distraction to the stresses of writer’s block, but putting yourself in a new environment may lead to some inspiration.

There are countless ways a person can get active and exercise. Some people may prefer the security of working out on the treadmill at the gym while others may enjoy going for a hike or playing sports. Regardless of how you prefer to get active, regular exercise has always been one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle. However, exercise benefits the mind as much as the body. In fact, regular exercise has actually been scientifically proven to improve creativity and creative inspiration.

There have been numerous studies that conclude that exercising has a positive impact on the brain and some conclude that exercise can specifically increase creativity. A journal called Frontiers in Human Neuroscience illustrates how those who exercise regularly perform better in creativity tests than their sedentary counterparts do. The study focuses on the impact that exercise has on divergent and convergent thinking, two important aspects of creativity. A study at Stanford University found that simply walking improves creativity. According to the study, a person’s creative output increases an average of 60% while walking. These are only two of the many studies that have the same conclusion: cardio exercise improves creativity.

My favorite method of exercising is going outside to do some cardio. Not only are you receiving all of the benefits of exercise, but being outside has been proven to boost your mood. It is also a great opportunity to take another look at the world, which may aid in world building and plotting when you eventually do return to your computer.

Whether you’re exercising on a stationary bike or biking in a marathon, regular exercise has been scientifically proven to improve creativity and creative thinking. Creativity is undeniably important in the writing process and this creative boost is an excellent way to think of new story ideas, fill in plot holes, and beat writer’s block.

I will be continuing my Beat the Block series throughout the month of April to provide tips and tricks to beat writer’s block. If you have ever defeated writer’s block by exercising, please share your thoughts in the comments.

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5 thoughts on “Beat the Block: Get Physical

  1. iggy23

    Nice! I’ve always thought that exercising is a great way to stimulate the mind and I believe it’s because of the endorphins which are released. But somehow that doesn’t really work for me :/ I’m more of the type where inspiration suddenly comes and if I’m not feeling too lazy, I’ll pump out a couple of short stories and then hibernate for a few months haha. I guess it’s more of us seeing the outside more than anything that gives us the inspiration and it really does help, rather than being in a room all day. Great post! It’s always interesting to read what other people think about writer’s block 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. debbiedavisbooks Post author

      I definitely agree, I’ve always found that being outside can lead to some great inspiration! Thank you for the comment, I definitely enjoyed reading your thoughts. I guess everyone copes with writer’s block a little differently. I’m writing a series on beating writer’s block so be sure to check back in, hopefully my next post will be even more helpful to you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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