Writing While On Vacation

writingvacationSummer is one of the most popular seasons for travel. With school out of session and the weather at its warmest, many people take advantage of the opportunity to go on vacation. I personally love to travel and think that it’s a great way to explore the world and get rejuvenated. However, traveling can hinder your writing. If you don’t stay diligent, it’s easy to go your entire vacation without writing a single word.

Over the past two weeks, I have talked about writing while traveling by airplane and by car. Today, I’m going to discuss how you can stay motivated once you are on vacation.

Schedule Your Writing Time
When you are on vacation, it is easy to let time slip away from you. By setting yourself a specific writing time, you will ensure that your daily writing gets done. Consider a time of day where you may have downtime. If the people that you are traveling with are all night owls, consider scheduling in an hour of writing time in the morning before everyone wakes up. If the opposite is true and your group is early to bed, consider staying up an hour later and fitting in your writing at night. Setting yourself a specific time to write will alleviate stress, allowing you to relax and enjoy your vacation.

Don’t Make Impossible Goals
Unless your vacation was intended to be a writing getaway, you probably won’t be able to complete your entire novel. It’s normal to have lots of excursions, events, or reservations to attend to throughout your days, leaving little time to write. In order to get the most out of your vacation, don’t be too hard on yourself in terms of your writing word count. Set yourself a reasonable goal, such as 500 words per day. If you surpass this goal, it’ll be a happy surprise. Don’t set yourself an impossible 3,000 word goal that will leave you stressed about your writing throughout your vacation. Always evaluate your travel plans in order to decide on the writing goals that are best for you.

Take It To Go
Depending on the type of vacation that you go on, you may have some downtime. Take a pen and paper with you wherever you go so that you’re able to write down notes whenever an idea strikes you. You could be at the beach, relaxing in the sand. You could be at an amusement park, waiting in an hour long line. Regardless of where you are, scribbling down notes will help you whenever you take your writing break. Experiencing new things may also spark some new ideas and it’s great to write down those ideas the moment they occur to you, rather than hours later when you return to the hotel.

Enjoy Yourself
You are on vacation, so don’t feel guilty about stepping away from your computer and writing less than you would at home. If you are able to relax and enjoy yourself on vacation, you will be able to come back to your manuscript with a new set of ideas that may spark some inspiration.

Whether it’s a relaxing vacation to the beach, an adrenaline-fueled adventure in the mountains, or a quick getaway in a neighboring town, a vacation is a great way to experience the world. It can be a challenge to squeeze writing into a trip, but if you are able to, you will feel incredibly productive. This productivity coupled with the relaxation from your vacation will reinvigorate your focus and ignite your creativity.

If you have any other tips for writing while traveling on vacation, please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Stay focused on your journey!
Writing While Traveling By Airplane
Writing While Traveling By Car

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