State of Exception

cover art not availableState of Exception
by Debbie Davis
Release date: July 18, 2014

Audrey Ackerman has grown up in a nation where the military reigns supreme and the president’s word is law. It has been ten years since the war that closed the nation into a state of isolation, and Audrey is on the cusp of beginning a new life for herself. With the career placement exams coming up in her township, Audrey has the ability to be placed high in society and finally find happiness in the rigid system. That is, until she is arrested.

Audrey is imprisoned and interrogated by the government, who is under the assumption that she is the notorious conspirator, Layla Morris. To Audrey’s surprise, Layla is the one who comes to her aid and rescues her from her captors. Audrey must now rely on this stranger for safety.

But Layla is not as much of a stranger as Audrey thinks.

Audrey soon discovers a connection she shares with Layla that is too strong to ignore. She wants nothing more than to go back to living life the way she had before her arrest. However, she soon learns of government atrocities that no longer make that an option. She witnesses firsthand the brutality of the soldiers and learns of innocent people ostracized from society.

Audrey is left with nowhere to go and seeks out Layla’s help. Through their unlikely companionship, Audrey begins to learn of an underground Resistance movement that is designed to dismantle the corrupted government system. Audrey must decide whether she will embrace the Resistance movement that she would have once feared, or return to a system she now knows is not safe.

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